Leading Residency Program Research

Whether you are an IMG, have an educational gap, scored low on your USMLE exams or lack US clinical experience, we help medical residency applicants from all over the world find US residency programs that are the best fit for them.

Match A Resident’s mission is to use our experience in the medical residency field and resources to save you the time spent researching residency programs and money spent on incompatible applications. We strive to serve as your expert residency ally through excellent residency guidance and consultation.


Because the road to residency can be tough to walk alone, we are here to walk it with you every step of the way.

Zach Musa, M.D.

Our Core Values

Commitment to Consistency

Match A Resident believes in getting the right information, all the information, every time.


Match A Resident introduces Interview Prep Service


Rank Assist was launched


Match A Resident introduces a brand new interface


Match A Resident launches a transition site in preparation for a new interface


10-Year Anniversary of Match A Resident

July 2012

The Smart List was launched

March 2012

Post-Match Scramble changed to Post-Match SOAP (PCS)


Relocation to San Diego, CA


The Interview Feedback Database began collecting program reviews and interview feedback


Introduced Post-Match Scramble application system


Match A Resident was founded in Cleveland, OH

Our Beginnings