How do I find the most compatible residency programs for me?

This is a question that residency applicants struggle with year after year. But finding the best residency programs for you does not have to be as hard as it might seem.

With the right data and an intelligent compatibility algorithm, Match A Resident is able to assist residency applicants with finding the best programs for them.

Match A Resident’s Compatibility Score Feature

Our Customized Residency Lists are filled with programs you qualify for based on their minimum requirements.

But what if you cannot afford to apply to all the programs on your List? The Compatibility Score shows you which residency programs are the top choices for you.

Essentially, these scores are based on a comparison between your applicant criteria versus the minimum requirements of a program.

Each individual program score takes into account the program’s requirements, your applicant criteria, IMG friendliness, program prestige, and beyond. The more you meet and exceed a program’s minimum requirements, the higher your score.

The compatibility criteria is given a numerical value and added up out of 100 to calculate the final Compatibility Score.

Viewing Residency Programs By Compatibility Score

To order your Customized Residency List with the most compatible programs at the top, simply click “Score” at the top of the Specialty List you are viewing.

If you want to find the very best of the best residency programs for you, watch this quick insider trick which will teach you in under 3 minutes!

Compatibility Score Ranges Explained

Some applicants may have higher Compatibility Scores on average than others, depending on their specific criteria.

The important thing is to focus on the residency programs which are best suited for you.

Again, it might help to organize your Customized Residency List by Compatibility Score in order to do so.

The Compatibility Score is designed to help applicants find top program choices with little time and little effort on their part. This feature has the potential to simplify your program research, therefore optimizing your residency application targeting while also saving you thousands of dollars on program applications.

Targeting Residency Application Made Easy

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